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New AR Build.. have some questions

Hey all... after having taken a few appleseeds and plenty of dry firing, I got good enough to shoot a 222/250 on the AQT with iron sights. That sufficiently surpasses Rifleman score of 210, and earned me my patch

funny story though, because on my carbine 16 inch RRA ar 15 I got a 209 and then the next few I plateaued out between 200-209. It seemed I just couldn't get that extra few points for Rifleman status. The instructor told me to use his 20 inch rifle length Ar 15. I friggen LOVED it! It felt fantastic, the sight radius made the huge difference, and the weight dampened the recoil just enough for me to make quicker follow up shots on the timed parts. Not huge, but important.

So this leads me to my point. I want to sell my carbine and build a 20 incher

I have never built an AR 15 and don't really know where to start. I'll certainly buy a book or two and educate myself, but I would also like to know what the TFL builders would do.

The criteria:
-20 inch barrel
-1:7 twist
-Chrome lined
-A2/A4 buttstock (quality)
-Quality receiver, handguard, trigger assembly, etc..
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