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Larger, bulkier, less concealable.
Than what? Glocks, XD's, M&P Smiths etc. are all competitive if not easier to carry than their steel framed single stacked counterparts.

Peetza, Hi capacity is of even more potential benefit to those like you who don't carry a spare mag. High capacity simply cannot hurt to those who are legally allowed to do so.

A friend of mine use to have a gun sales pitch that basically said to the will probably never need this gun to save your life, however should the day ever come that you did need it, at that exact moment, you would give all your money, valuables, and even the shirt off your back for this gun (holding up the gun the customer is looking at). Then he would say why not buy it now for cheap.

The point is as mentioned above better to have and not need than to need and not have.
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