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I am a little confused. A gun is just that, a long gun vrs a handgun is often the determining factor in "who" knows you have it. There are 3 levels of "who" knows what you buy, Federal, State, Local. Depending on where you live there might be a case where all 3 levels of government are aware of your firearms purchases, like in California.

I am not knowledgeable concerning your state, however here is how my state works. Long guns purchased in FFL stores are not tracked by the state, The Fed simply knows that you purchased a long gun, no specifics. If you pawn or sell a long gun or for that matter a hand gun in certain counties then you may have to fill out a local form for the sale.

For hand guns ALL sales are tracked by both state and federal authority. The state tracks the exact firearm, the Fed tracks that you purchased a hand gun (unless you purchase 3 or more hand guns in a (14) working day period, then the Fed track those exact guns as a multiple hand gun purchase).

Gray enough for you

Contact your local gun shop and ask the questions and get the RIGHT dope. Don't worry you will not be the first to ask those questions at that shop.

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