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Originally Posted by threegun
How can anyone pooh pooh having high capacity? All other "more important things" being equal, high capacity has zero negatives.

So the only reason I can think of for anyone to argue against high capacity is to justify (as if it needed justification) their choice of low capacity.

My choice of low capacity is dictated by NY state. As such, my option is not high-cap or low cap but spare mag or no. I don't carry a spare mag because:

1)More weight
2)More money for a magazine holster
3)more and different practice
4)Another thing to hide

Also, (and by far the biggest reason) the necessity of such is of such miniscule probability that I simply choose not to prepare for such an unlikely event. For those who choose to, have at it. Some people don't carry a gun at all, and that's just fine. Some people carry 2 or 3 guns and spare mags for all of them, and that's just fine.

However, as demonstrated (again) in this thread. There is simply no realistic probability of ever needing 18 or more shots in a SD scenario. It simply does not happen, at least any more often than do alien abductions... which is another thing that I choose not to prepare to defend against.

Anyone who does, great. Anyone who does not, great. Either way, the NEED is demonstrably absent.
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