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Bronze firing pin?

I have two 1903 .38 Rimless auto hammer piustols, chambered for the nearly extinct .38 Auto. I got them very cheap and they are not in real good condition.

I noticed that the firing pins on both of them had radial cracks showing, so I bought new ones from Numrich. I got the new pins and they looked yellowish, I thought "Must be corrosion treatment coloring them", well, when I pulled the old pins out of the Colts they sure looked like brass or bronze, so I opened the new ones out of the plastic bags and yep, they be yellow bronze or brass!
I am totally mystified, one of the greatest firearms designers in history, perhaps the greatest one, designed these with yellow metal? Now, maybe aluminum bronze I could see, it's very hard and tough, and they would look the same, but I don't think it existed in 1903. Beryllium bronze maybe?
Anyone know about this? It doesn't make sense to me. Thanks,
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