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I live in NYC now and am wondering if when the McDonald case is decided in our favor whether it will really have any impact on NYC? I mean the case doesn't seem to be about open or concealed carry being readily available to citizens. Just the fact that the Second and thus the Heller decision applies to state and local governments. So really NYC will likely do the same thing DC has done. "Well it is technically legal to own and carry a pistol in our city, don't mean we are going to make it easy for you." Concealed carry is already "technically" legal in NYC....but not really. Never mind about open carry, then it would be a choice between leave the gun at home and get shot by a criminal or openly carry and get shot by a cop.

But for now, we have streamlined the system so we can reject you faster than ever. :barf:

Oh well at least bows and arrows are still unregulated as far as I know so I can shoot those. Not very effective for self defense though. As far as weapons technology is concerned, the average NYC citizen is about 400-500 years behind the rest of the nation
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