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I took my 1895G "Guide Gun" with me this year.

Friday morning, I fired upon my first deer I've dropped hammer on in 6 years. Deer was squarely facing me. Range was about 200 yards. I missed.

Deer ran away from woods and into field...and into the sights of a friend who hit it with a .35 Rem at about 50 yards.

I waited a while (10 minutes?), then began walking over to where the deer had been when I fired, to see if I could find a blood trail. My friend came down from the tree stand after a few minutes, told me that he had shot the deer, and that it was lying down. Elapsed time at this point was at least 15 minutes from 2nd shot.

When we walked over, Bambi jumped up, and hauled into the woods. Blood spot was about the size of a dinner plate. We followed, posthaste. (imagine men running for several minutes)

The deer had lain down again, when I fired into his chest from 15 yards with my .40. He did not expire, but he didn't jump back up, either. I waited a few minutes, keeping the pistol on target. He lifted his head far up and to the side, and I finished him with a middle of neck shot just under the head. Instant death spasm. Deer would have been a 4 or 6 point, but the tines had not diverged. The .35 had hit him through one shoulder, and exited through ribs.

When we were riding back to pick him up, I noticed my scope mount was loose. Damn! Between you and me, though, I forgot to aim high, and I was zeroed at only an inch high at 100 yards. I prolly would have missed anyway!

I shot a small deer from about 55 yards a few days later. I heard feet thumping, and thought for a minute she was running, till I saw the still form on the ground.

That .45 caliber 300 grain Georgia Arms HP went through both shoulders, high on the entrance side, and a little lower through the exit. Instant kill. I classify the effect as "dramatic, but not excessive", and have decided to name my Guide Gun "One-timer", 'cuz I don't think I'll ever have to shoot them twice, if I get in a decent shot. Now, if I can just get a decent shot at those wild hogs next year...

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