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Great post. You took a lot of time and effort in doing it and I'm sure it will help some LEO's and others out. Might even save a life.
I retired as a LEO after 15 years in 1993.
The only choices we had were the Streamlight (full size,I still have it, a good part of the anodizing is worn off), the Stinger and a little later on the Rechargable Mag Light.
At the time, we though they were the best things in the world because prior to those lights coming out all we had a was a 4 cell mag light.
Lighting has come a long way since.
Your tests will help people decide what will give them the best chance for survival.
Just be glad you have the choices, the 4 cell mag lights succked bad.
It wasn't a lot of fun, especially outside looking for an armed perp.
The good thing was in those days we didn't have the video cameras and lawyers up your rear end near as bad.

Best Regards, John K
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