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KyJim, (not griping, just a little explaining) I don't feel that it was too much info given to a questionable person by giving out a name. Yes, I want some verification on credibility for any more info. Shoot, there are maybe 4 others within a reasonable distance of me, with the very same complete name as mine, so that I feel only a name given out, isn't a problem.

He was knowledgable, remember. He gave me my supplier's name, the date of my purchase, make/model, and serial number. The supplier's name and my date of purchase aren't on any receipt/paperwork given to my friend, or anybody. Nor is the supplier's name printed on the gun, like many are on surplus guns nowadays. Only on my original purchase receipt, stapled to the correct page in my bound book, in my safe.

It may be somehow only circumstantial evidence of his ID, but to me it is BIG circumstantial evidence.
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