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The CZ's look good and some of them are decent quality. The made in Turkey versions are questionable, but good looking guns.

The 311 shotguns are highly thought of by a lot of people from my dads generation. They served them well enough the way most of those guys used them. My dad was born in 1923 and grew up during the depression. Wasting expensive shotgun shells on practice was not done. A box of shells would last my dad for a year or longer. Every shot put a rabbit or squirrel in the pot. If the shot was questionable he didn't take it. At that rate these guns would easily last a lifetime.

I started hunting with my great grand fathers double 20 and wanted nothing but a double when the time came to buy my own gun. A 311 is what I could afford. I realize mine was a factory lemon and was much worse than most. I still have a soft spot for a double and have tried just about everything over the last 30 years trying to find an affordable double. I've wasted a bunch of money and always ended up disappointed.

I wish someone had given me the advice I'm going to give now 30 years ago.

If you want a good double shotgun plan on spending a minimum of $1,000 or look for something used that would have cost that much new. Even at that, a $1,000 semi auto is a much better gun than a $1,000 double. A $300 pump is going to be much, much better in the long run than a double costing twice as much.

I wish this weren't true. I'd love to find an affordable double. Nothing fancy, just something that balanced well and was dependable. I've given up and decided to just use my pumps and autos. I still have my fathers and great grandfathers guns, but they are largely wall hangers now.
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