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I must confess, my ClemBert Pin took MUCH longer than I'd anticipated. The main reason is my lack of experience silver brazing. As I applied the solder, I thought: "What harm could a pinch more do, just to make sure I get full penetration?" Well, I got good penetration, all right, and several large blobs as a bonus. It took what seemed like an eternity to file away those blobs -- the stuff is much harder than the lead/tin solder I've used before.

After countless file strokes, I got to thinking, there must be an easier way. Then it hit me: How about using the technique found on some of the components on my classic bikes? The old Campagnolo downtube mounted shifter had an adjuster screw with a wire loop as a finger grab. Wouldn't something like that work great on the ClemBert Pin? Drill two holes, bend a bit of 15-ga stainless steel spoke -- and you done -- no filing at all. Some food for thought should I try another pin.

Here's a pic of my ClemBert Pin in a ROA with a catalog cut of the old-school Campy shifter tension adjustment screw.

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