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olyinaz I'd still like to hear more from those who actually HAVE one of these rifles.

It might be a good idea to read previous posts before writing such -

I make no claim to being an expert but, I got my first rifle for my 6th birthday in 1932 and, being a retired surgeon, am able to shoot at the range every week now so I think I have had enough experience to judge rifles like the 464.

As I stated in my post on this thread, there were several threads on the forum with 99% reporting failures in the first few rounds fired and not just speculation as you allege. The only one reporting otherwise eventually came to the conclusion he was wrong in his conclusion the 464 wasn't as bad as described by other users-shooters.

Here's what a search there produced:Search found 345 matches

Search term used: mossberg 464

Most gun manufacturers test fire their guns before putting them on the market. The fact the Mossberg 464 has failed in as little as only one shot suggests there was no test fire program at Mossberg for the 464. As I reported on my previous post on this thread, I haven't even gone through a box of 20 rounds and nave had two part failures. If it were an automobile, there would have been a massive recall - even Ruger has experienced that - and it was done at the manufacturer's expense.

Not so here - I'm certain Mossberg is well aware of the problems with 464 parts failing - costing customers money to get their guns fixed - but they seem to be turning a deaf ear and ignoring customers - which they have done in the past. Mossberg has no conscience and is ignoring potential injury and lawsuits from injured customers.

My concern is, if there are so many early failures of parts, what are the odds the next part to fail could be the locking mechanism of the bolt or even the bolt which could produce a devastating injury to the shooter??

Personally, I'm not willing to take that chance. So now I have a gun I'm afraid to shoot and certainly won't take the chance of selling - or even giving it away.
Read previous posts - there's no shortage of either experienced shooters with the 464 - as well as threads on lever gun forums - should be enough owners to satisfy anyone.
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