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Thanks gentlemen,,,

Aside from the "don't use a holster" and "guns are meant to be used" digs,,,
I got some good information.

Thanks BillCA, grendelbane, publius, unclenick, smith37, Dfariswheel, & Pbearperry.

BTW Pbearperry,,,
My truck hasn't been vacuumed or washed since I bought it,,,
I don't love the Toyota anywhere as much as I love my rifles and pistols.

I didn't know that cold blue could cause rust,,,
The reason I thought of using it in the first place was my Grandfather.

He "used" his guns,,,
Hunted constantly and shot a lot,,,
He was that old school that took care of everything,,,
I will swear that he had one set of boots last him for 30 years.

No matter how dirty his guns got in the field,,,
They always got thoroughly cleaned before they were put in the cabinet.

And I do remember he always wiped them down,,,
With cold blue and cotton balls.

With the exception of a few dents and dings,,,
His guns always looked like new ones.

As far as holsters go,,,
I make all of my own leather gear,,,
I usually line my holsters with top grain pig or calf.

I try not to make them too tight,,,
But I do wet mold them to the shape of the gun,,,
I also use saddle soap to clean and condition inside and out.

Anyways, thanks for the heads-up on cold blue,,,
I'll just keep em well oiled instead.


BTW Jim,,,
I wear a holster at the range because I enjoy it,,,
I also don't like leaving my guns when I go change targets,,,
My range doesn't have any holster rules as we are all range officers.
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