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I'm a huge fan of the 311, not sure on exact count but I've had over 20 of them from time to time (down to just a pair now, need to hit the pawn shops again). Never had a problem with any of them except 2, one .410 that I bought knowing the pins/springs were bad, and my original that I had to replace the springs in a few years ago after running upteen thousand rounds thru it. It's still my goto grocery gun but next time it needs springs I'm sending it to a gunsmith.
That being said, my grandfather (who gave me that original 311) is somewhat of a SXS lover. He has several old Greeners and one incrediable Francotte that I'm in serious love with. I would never say my 311's were there equal. Are they worth the premium they demand? I guess they are to someone. If I had money to burn one of the first things I'd buy would be a really nice double.
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