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In Illinois the gun must be unloaded and in a case. In an interesting case recently, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that a center console or glove box is considered a case. As it stands now, an Illinois resident with a valid FOID card can carry a unloaded pistol legally in the glove box or center console. This case can be referenced in .....The People vs Diggins
I am not a lawyer nor LEO.

My limited understanding is that there are two different sections of the law regarding cases for firearms in ILL.

1) Conservation code was the section that Mr Diggins was tried under and eventually found innocent. ( And yes, the conservation code applies whether you are hunting/fishing or not.)

2) UUW (Unlawful Use Of Weapon) which Mr Diggins was NOT charged under

So the precedent that was set applies only to the conservation code law NOT the UUW law.

So although you would theroticaly not be charged with the lesser crime but could still be charged with UUW. Which is a felony.

The odd thing is that the conservation code is more specific as the description of the case required than the UUW section.

And yes I know how weird this sounds.

ISP2605 I believe is the name of a retired ILL LEO who has a great amount of PRACTICAL and theoretical knowledge of ILL law, if you want to hunt for his posts here and/or on THR.

Good luck and best wishes

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