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I’m not for going to the wire and trying to sink this nominee … just against thanking our lucky stars that we have an unknown quantity handed to us.

What I’m proposing is more of a feigned attack to get them to expose themselves. Then decide if this one is worth fighting in earnest.

As far as delaying tactics go, maybe I have too much hope for the upcoming mid-term elections, but I look at them as a strong possibility of upcoming reinforcements. Delay while waiting for reinforcement is pragmatic.

Of course you’re right that we have to consider the possible cost of fighting , but …
For one, I seriously doubt opening up the records would be a deal breaker unless there’s some really bad stuff to hide. (The press might even be on our side on this one, if they care to do their job.)If they immediately run for cover, by withdrawing the nomination, and while holding such a strong advantage; it would be telling, imo.
For another, I know it’s hard to imagine, but there is the possibility that Kagen is the worst of those on the short list.

We are merely choosing different gambles.

Not stooping sounds nice, but If you aren’t willing to stoop to their level, a street fighter will take you apart while you’re still lacing up your boxing gloves.
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