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Originally Posted by animal
Does that mean it should be a giveaway?
... says the loyal opposition.

When it means that we could be facing what's behind Door #2, because we wouldn't pick Door #1, then, Yes. In this case.

Pragmatism, especially in politics, is ofttimes better than delaying tactics.

Originally Posted by animal
Is the object to lose honorably, or to attempt to win by the ground rules (or lack of them) forced upon us by our adversaries?
Neither. The object is to not stoop to their level.

What you are not considering, is that if too big a stink is made over Kagan, then that nomination will be withdrawn and whatever is awaiting behind Door #2 will be forced upon us.

Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
And as far as i know, no second attempt at confirming a SCJ has ever failed.
I agree.
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