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All really good points, and I admit that that in all probability Kagan is the best we can hope for … since the opposition doesn’t have the spine or the inclination to deadlock the entire process for a couple of years.
Does that mean it should be a giveaway?

I think that the best course for now is to at least put up a show of a fight to get more information out on her. It might only serve as a delaying tactic, but delaying tactics work well to stall "advances" on other fronts. The politicians that would limit individual rights don’t hesitate to use every weapon in their arsenal, why shoud we?

A person’s personal views and style often show through in their work for someone else. Again, I’ll point to the Roberts precedent as an example, and I doubt there would be much political capital expended in requesting more information based on that precedent.

Why should we limit ourselves to the rules of decorum and genteel debate when rhetoric is the driving force of politics concerning our rights today? Is the object to lose honorably, or to attempt to win by the ground rules (or lack of them) forced upon us by our adversaries?
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