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I'm kinda surprized nobody replied to your question.

I'll give it a shot:
I received my FFL-07 about two weeks ago. I scanned it and saved as .pdf. I knew companies I wanted to work with as a dealer, so I started contacting them. I emailed them my FFL 'onfile' then asked for dealer info. I've started to receive a lot of that info. Some want you to fill out an application and fax/e-mail back, others want some business license also. Some venders with online stoles for their dealers WILL NOT allow a home based FFL to have one of their online stores. I was surprized at the dealer discounts...nice. Some give another discount if you buy $1-2k at a time. I also provided my 'FFL on file' to and registered to do xfers. I received my 1st call about 2 days later for a xfer.
Hope this helps, PM for more info.
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