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… and not even a "solid" 41 votes at that.
Agreed that she’s qualified (unless she was a party to that leak to the eco-terrorists, and I doubt that would stick even if she were).

I don’t get it when people say she is better than the rest of the short list when she is an unknown quantity. Granted the rest of the short list are horrible on 2A and several other issues; but why expect Kagen to be any different from the rest of the pack simply because of the lack of negative information, when there’s no positive information either?

I don’t see a down side to calling for a release of the Clinton Admin. Files, especially given her lack of track record and the Roberts precedent. If the administration scrambles to keep the files hidden or the prospect of releasing them causes a withdrawal of Kagan, you can bet that she is worse than the rest of the pack in ways that they don’t want us to see.

I also don’t see a down side to drawing out the process because the more time the Senate spends on this stuff, the less time they have to deal with other things… like passing bad legislation.
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