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All I’m screaming about for now can be boiled down to two points. First, make public all information available, and second, don’t immediately roll over and accept this pig in a poke … until she’s out of the poke where we can see her.
The President has 59 votes in the Senate and his party controls the Judiciary Committee and Senate Majority Leader. Short of nominating someone grossly unqualified, he is going to get his nomination approved by the Senate. Kagan is qualified. Now we can fight her nomination because Kagan isn't pro-Second enough for our liking; but the fact is, this Administration is not going to nominate anyone who is pro-Second. The problem with stalling Kagan's nomination is that ALL of the other people on the short list were worse than Kagan on the Second Amendment.

Sadly, you just don't get much concilliation from the other side when you only have 41 votes in the Senate.
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