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Short answer: Yes; great; take it!

Longer answer...

I took Combative Rifle from Gabe Suarez this past year.

(By way of background, I am a regular-guy citizen; have completed the 40-hour LFI-1 with Massad Ayoob, 27 hours of classes with InSights, 40 hours of defensive handgun and shotgun training at the local level; compete in monthly tactical three-gun and practical rifle matches; blah blah blah.)

I highly recommend you take any training from Suarez that you can afford and that works with your schedule. I plan to take his Advanced Combative Pistol in the coming year.

He's such a great instructor..."been there, done that," a clear communicator, paces the class so you get the max out of the time and the most for your training dollar, emphasizes what works "in the real world," has a keen BS detector... and is a pretty funny guy as well as a gentleman. And, pretty obviously, a warrior.

I own and have read all his books. They'd be a good primer before any of his classes. They are available from Paladin Press or the major online booksellers. They are: "The Tactical Rifle"; "The Tactical Pistol"; "The Tactical Shotgun"; and "The Tactical Advantage." Last spring, he told me the manuscript for his next book, "The Art of the Pistol," was being reviewed by Col. Jeff Cooper.

That said, Ayoob and InSights were top-notch, too. If a person could only take one class, LFI-1 would be my suggestion. (I hope to take LFI-2 with Ayoob and plan on some more InSights classes, eventually.)

Paraphrasing, I heard Suarez and Ayoob, notably, as well as the InSights guys and my local instructor, say: none of us has all the answers; beware of anyone who says they do; take as much training as you can from reputable teachers. Suarez seems fond, too, of the quote "sometimes a teacher, always a student."
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