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Applying the above example to out of-
State college students it is held,
that during the time the students actually
reside in a college dormitory or
at an off-campus location they are
considered residents of the State
where the dormitory or off-campus
home is located. During the time outof-
State college students actually
reside in their home State they are
considered residents of their home
I'd double check this! College students do not qualify for resident tuition when they reside in a dorm or rent off campus. They're not considered "residents" for purposes of college tuition, nor are they considered residents for purposes of buying hunting/angling licenses.

I'm not sure if they can be licensed in their "college state" by the DMV for a state driver's license. College students are a borderline case, even when they're working part-time in the state while attending school.

I not claiming "hard fact" on this. I just know that college students are "iffy" about residency in several regards.
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