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This pick is relatively young and in good health. The best possible nominee from the current administration might simply be the one that is oldest and/or in the worst health.
Yeah, kinda mean thing to say, but …

I doubt there’d be a nickel’s worth of difference ideologically or philosophically speaking, between anyone nominated for the position. This one is simply less exposed than most.

I’d also be willing to bet she’ll get confirmed whether her paper trail comes to light or not. BTW, If I remember correctly, there is precedence for the Senate getting and considering a nominee’s paperwork done for a previous presidential administration … Roberts, I think.
All I’m screaming about for now can be boiled down to two points. First, make public all information available, and second, don’t immediately roll over and accept this pig in a poke … until she’s out of the poke where we can see her.

Disclaimer: The above colloquialism was not necessarily meant to be taken as a derogatory term for this particular Supreme Court nominee. Any similarities between animals mentioned in the phrase and Supreme Court nominees, are purely coincidental.
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