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Phone Call From The ATF....

I have had a C&R license for many years.
About a month ago, I got a phone call from a guy identifying himself as ATF, saying he was conducting a 'firearms trace', asking about a rifle. He gave me the make, model, and serial number. He told me that I had purchased it on such and such a date, and named the supplier. Made sense, the supplier was one that I use.
I went to my bound book, and sure enough, it was a rifle that I had sold to a friend several years ago. The caller didn't want any other info other than the name of the man whom I'd sold it to.
Now, my friend moved away several years ago, and he called me immediately from his new address stating that someone had broken into his home while he was moving, and had stolen 3 of his guns, one of which was the rifle in question. I gave him the serial number from my bound book(he didn't have it written down), so that he could give it to the police. So, I am familiar with this gun, and assume the gun may have been recovered or God forbid, used illicitly.
Interestingly enough, the man didn't discuss ANY details at all, and did not WANT any details other than did I sell it and to whom. I would have thought that he would have wanted at the very least, my friends drivers license number and current city of residence, but he didn't. He only wanted my friend's name.
So now, here I am, no longer in contact with my friend, and confused with all kinds of thoughts in my head. Has anybody had any experience with this type of call? Since he didn't ask for seemingly pertinent info, does this sound real?
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