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+1 what A/C Guy said.

Could my parents pick it up from the FFL in Nevada or would I have to?
You would have to. The first question on the form 4473 is, "Are you the actual purchaser of the firearm." A "NO" answer to that question disqualifies the buyer. A "YES" answer to that question in this case would be a lie, which is against Federal Law - 18 USC 930.

In regards to your student resident status:
From page 126 of this document:

27 CFR 178.11: MEANING OF
An out-of-State college student
may establish residence in a State
by residing and maintaining a
home in a college dormitory or in a
location off-campus during the
school term.

ATF Rul. 80-21

"State of residence" is defined by
regulation in 27 CFR 178.11 as the
State in which an individual regularly
resides or maintains a home. The
regulation also provides an example
of an individual who maintains a
home in State X and a home in State
Y. The individual regularly resides in
State X except for the summer
months and in State Y for the summer
months of the year. The regulation
states that during the time the individual
actually resides in State X he is a
resident of State X, and during the
time he actually resides in State Y he
is a resident of State Y.

Applying the above example to outof-
State college students it is held,
that during the time the students actually
reside in a college dormitory or
at an off-campus location they are
considered residents of the State
where the dormitory or off-campus
home is located. During the time outof-
State college students actually
reside in their home State they are
considered residents of their home

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