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AKJ Concealco IWB holster

Just got my AKJ Concealco Select Grade IWB holster in the mail this morning. With right at a month wait time (they try for 24 days) I was very pleased as most the leather companies are at 6-8 month wait times.

The first thing you notice about it is that one of the belt loops is actually placed in front of the holster instead of both on the sides, kinda different. I opened the package up, inspected it and the craftsmanship on this thing is very nice a clean. Looks like it'll hold up pretty good. It fits my Kahr P9 perfect just as it should. After putting it on my waist I thought to myself "self, this thing is purdy darn comfy". I've been wearing it around all day and I think I found the perfect IWB for this P9.

Alot of people I know have never heard of them but if you're looking for a good IWB holster, I'd highly recommend looking into them. Here's their website:

And a couple quick pics (don't mind the gut in the second ):

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