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Buying a handgun in AZ as a NV resident. Options?

Hi there.

I am about to purchase my first handgun and I have lived in Phoenix, AZ for the past 4 years. Because I am an out-of-state student who couldnt qualify for in state tuition, I kept my Nevada ID. I searched but could not find a similar circumstance.

My question is, can I legally purchase a handgun from an FFL in AZ with my NV license and proof that I have lived here for several years?

I will be returning to Nevada in a few months (just graduated!). So, I could either wait and buy in person in NV or buy online from someone like Bud's and have it shipped to an FFL in Nevada, though it seems like the costs of transfer fees, shipping, etc would negate all of the savings. Could my parents pick it up from the FFL in Nevada or would I have to?

Thank you.

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