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As stated this harness is designed to work with the entire Esstac Boar line of chest rigs. It is particularly useful on the bush boar A1. With the standard shoulder straps you find yourself having to organize the shoulder straps, and hold them in place to get into the rig easily. With the padded harness it's just like putting on a jacket; one arm at a time. SUPER EASY. Not only does it make for mounting the rig easier, it makes carrying the load much more comfortable, not that the Esstac Boar line was uncomfortable to begin with, it just makes it that much more pleasureable. IMO, this is a must have addition to this line of chest rigs. It would be interesting to see how this style, when made to integrate properly, would work with other rigs.

Disclosure: I am not an employee, nor have I ever been an employee of Essential Tactical (EssTac). The item reviewed was gifted to me by EssTac for the purpose of a product test and evaluation. The items pictured and reviewed are my personal property. The opinions and views expressed in the posting are that of my own and are not influenced by any outside sources.
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