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We should be as bold as we can but tactful as well. I read the Starbucks company blog with 2 boards of their story. Almost every gunowner on the blog was well spoken, respectful, made his points well. But one guy, nickname "open carry" bragged that he scared people seeing his gun on his hip. That kind of attitude shows on a person's face and the way he carries himself. He helped us zip zilch and zero. Any person afraid of guns seeing his post, would say "that's how those people with guns are". Several gunowners scolded him, myself as well. Someone spoke to the antigunners, telling them this man is not typical of us. When my family was rear ended in a traffic accident last year, I got out to speak to the other driver. He was afraid I'd be mad. I shook hands with him and said we were all OK, that cars can be fixed, etc. We directed traffic together til the police came. I informed an officer I was carrying, he said no problem. The other driver never knew I was carrying. If I'd somehow made it a point to show him my gun, that would have done no one any good.
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