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I was looking at a rifle like the OP's at one time just because it was an action I had been wanting for quite awhile. Why it had the chamber welded with a DEWAT rod is beyond me because is was a HVA commercial small ring action. Sure it was marked on the barrel as 8X57 and the only thing I could think of is some European countries frown on any civilian owning a rifle chambered in a military cartridge.

If you do purchase this rifle realize it is a parts gun only or you will have to rebarrel the rifle. However if you rebarrel it would be a good idea to send the receiver off for a new heat treat at someplace like Pac-Met. That was what my gunsmith told me I would need to do if he worked on it. I was looking at $250 for the complete rifle and that just didn't make it worth the time or effort for me, by the time I added up all the extra costs.
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