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Colt 1908 .25 Hammerless

I've just joined and I'm looking for some help. I inherited the pieces for a nickel plated Colt Hammerless .25. It was missing the springs and I ordered them from Numrich and I'm having trouble reassembling it. I've gone through the posts and I've looked at various schematics and my favorite line was "not easy to get back together". I have some questions and I'm hoping I can get some help.
First the the Sear, Saftey, Trigger & Magazine Catch spring I received is straight, where as the one in all the diagrams I've seen is in the shape of a "J". It sits on the Sear and Connecter fine but it doesn't seem to do anything to the Grip Safety.
Second the Satefty Disconnect I recevied has a small flange, it seems to fit in the groved fine.
Most importantly, when I assembled it, it would cock but not fire. I don't think I'm installing the Grip safety correctly. The top of the Grip Safety sits under the Sear and I don't see how any forward movement would release the Sear. Without the slide it appears that the Sear is riding above the Connector.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to get this into working condition so I can take it into the woods with me. Based on the serial number I believe its manufacture date ins 1919.
I am a newbie so I hope I've posted in the right spot.
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