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What irks me is that the photographs on the vendor's websites show absolutely BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT pieces and the verbage the marketing departments create is so glowing and WONDERFUL. So they build expectations very, very high especially for people who have no experience in this area.

This 'irks' you?

Let's see. Suppose you were hired by a company to present their new line of widgets to the public for sale. And let's say the widgets were nicely polished. You'd intentionally select specimens for photographs that had minor flaws, and in describing the features of the widgets you'd suggest that maybe they weren't perfect, just so the public's expectations wouldn't be set too high. Is that correct?

Do you honestly believe that product advertising presents (or should present) only the average condition and performance of a product?

Advertising puts a product's best foot forward. I thought everyone knew that. Being 'irked' by that is honestly a bit of a waste of energy.
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