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Waiting on Taylor's backorder list.

arcticap: Yer lucky ya didn't get FIRED! I'm still on the backorder list at Taylors ... zzzzz ... looks like it will be the end of this month. Midway is on backorder for this model as well ...

JNewell: Thanks for reading and looking through the thread. I'd like an ROA, of that I won't lie, but I've really got my heart set on the 1858 New Army. I really like that the cylinder can be dropped out quickly and another pre-loaded cylinder goes in quickly. If one orders a drop-in conversion cylinder, that makes re-loading much, much faster. Plus I really like the history behind the revolver.


Of what I understand the Stainless Uberti 1858 New Army Models, (both the target and the fixed sight models), are not forged, they are cast. I did design the thread so that people looking for information on these models would find the thread returning very highly in google, thanks for the feedback on SERP position.

The Firing Line has been very well moderated over the years and it is well designed as well, thus the high google rankings on many subjects discussed on The Firing Line.

I'm convinced at this point that quality is on a piece by piece basis. Some years, some months, some lots, some weeks of production might be better than others. And I'm also thinking that the majority of the pieces that get bad press are many fewer than those that are really nice and don't get mentioned.

People are by and large fairly private about their guns in general. But sell a man a gun that is low quality or does not meet their expectations and they will climb a mountain and shout about it as loud as they can.

What irks me is that the photographs on the vendor's websites show absolutely BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT pieces and the verbage the marketing departments create is so glowing and WONDERFUL. So they build expectations very, very high especially for people who have no experience in this area.
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