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Please note that Cook County still has an AWB with a 10 round limit for magazines. It is not in effect in all of Cook County some cities have an "exemption" (wrong word I know but I'v got to get on the road) so it is not in effect in some cities.

Truth is if you don't look like a gang banger, dope dealing terrorist,
then you won't have a problem even if you are pulled over.
You are not from Illinois are you? Cause that is in my experience NOT an accurate statement. I'v lived in Ill for over 30 years now.

Some Ill LEOs are very reasonable, others have told me that they would arrest me if the gun and ammo were in the same compartment of the vehicle (this was AFTER Illinois changed the law to require only that the gun be unloaded and complety enclosed by a case/container made for a gun). When I pointed out to him that the law had changed and showed him a ISP brochur on the new law his response was "I'll arrest you and let the judge sort it out I don't care":barf:

I am not implying that this is typical Ill LEO behavoir but it is not the first or last time I have run into this type of attitude among Ill LEOs

Best wishes

PS if you are really concerned dissasemble the gun prior to going into Ill, only have 10 roung mags with you and ship the Normal Capacity mags to your Mich address or have a friend do it. NJ
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