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Lee 452-255 RF

Another vote for the Lee 452-255 RF. If I can have only one bullet for my .45 Colts, this is it. It has a good crimping groove so it is suitable for the tube-magazine of my Marlin. I pan lube them and cut them out of the lube with an expanded cartridge case. I shoot them as-cast; no sizing needed. For me, they shoot as accurately as any thing else, often better. I use them in my Vaquero and Marlin. I use lots of them and consider it to be the best all-around bullet I've ever used for .45 Colt. I have a Lee 452-252-SWC mould also that I like. But it's primarily a revolver bullet. I haven't used it since I got the Lee 452-255 RF. One size fits all. My moulds are two-cavity; I've no experience with the six-cavity moulds so cannot speak for them.
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