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Good to see this is spreading, but how this is going to be framed to the public requires us to walk on egg shells. It will only take one drunken idiot frat boy for the public (not to mention the insurance companies of colleges) to turn against us... our arguments have to be very precise and chosen, we need to make sure the argument over this is a debate over what it actually is: a debate about allowing people already licensed to carry a concealed pistol everywhere else to carry onto college campuses.

We cannot allow this debate to become about "drunken/high frat boys" because it's still illegal to be drunk and have be carrying (nevermind the fact that an incident like that would have nothing to do with the permit or the gun being allowed or not being allowed on campus because an incident of that nature would generally happen in a private residence).

We cannot allow the debate to become about "making it easier for criminals to get guns" because they can do that off of college campuses.

We cannot allow the debate to be about "well what if a student is angry about their grade and 'confronts' a professor" because that has nothing to do with a concealed carry permit, carrying on college campuses, has never happened, and assault with a deadly weapon is still illegal.

We cannot allow this to be about "guns in dorms" because most people who live in dorms are under 21 and thus unable to get a license to conceal carry.

We cannot allow this debate to be about "you don't need a gun on campus/campus crime rates are low!" because that is a non-sequitor and even admits that crimes happen on campus.

We cannot allow this debate to be about "well mass shooters will still be be able to kill people" because it's about lessening the body count of a mass shooter (also mass shootings are extremely rare).

We must make it about the following:

1. The disarming of society's arguably most important people: those that will lead our future business, make our future discoveries, and run for our future political offices.
2. This law only allows people already licensed to carry everywhere else to carry on college campuses. (This is probably the most important point)
3. This fact that every other right does not seem to be restricted based on a college's arbitrary property lines. (Remember that SCOTUS case: "The right to free speech does not end at the school gate"?)

So please, remember that this law only allows people who can already carry everywhere else to carry on campuses.

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