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Having for some time now been shooting revolvers and small caliber semi-autos I decided I wanted to participate in some kind of handgun contests, so I went out and bought a Glock in .40 S&W ( in order to make the major power class). Before I enter any competion I want to practice so as not to make a complete fool out of myself. I got some used pins from a local bowling alley and am ready to do some shooting.
My questions are these;#1. At what yardage should I practice in order to simulate actual competion? #2 Does the weight of the bullet make that much difference? Should I be shooting 180, 165, or 155 loads? I assume FMJ/FP hardball is the accepted bullet.#3Did I just get lucky getting a case of used pins for free or should I be prepared to pay for the pins in the future? If so, what is the going rate for used pins. Any help or ideas will be appriciated. Thanks in advance, dgang
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