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Hawaii Governor Signs New Law Expanding Castle Doctrine

I got this in an email blurb from the NRA today:

" The other bill signed today (Act 97) is SB0532 SD1 HD1 CD1 RELATING TO LIMITING CIVIL LIABILITY. Also known as the "CASTLE DOCTRINE", and originally introduced by Slom, the version that passed was sponsored by Senate Judiciary Chairman Brian Taniguchi (D-Manoa), By Request. Current Hawaii law requires a homeowner to "retreat" from his or her own home when invaded by a criminal engaging in a felony. The new law establishes provisions relating to owner to felon; limited liability. Provides that any owner of any other interest in real property shall not be liable to any perpetrator for any injury or death that occurs upon the real property during the course or after the commission of certain felony offenses. --
Section Affected: 663- (1 SECTION) OWNER TO FELON."

It looks like a good thing so far as it limits the civil liability for a lawful self-defense shooting; but from the NRA blurb, it isn't clear whether it eliminated the duty to retreat from inside your own home (which would be pretty extreme compared to the laws of most states). Anybody familiar with Hawaii law know more about this?
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