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At least they do to the students. I've known quite a few who have engaged in the "Empty Holster" movement. And a few more very responsible and trustworthy men who have carried onto campus regardless of legislation. Their mentality?...

"...if I ever have to use it to save my life or the lives of my fellow students, some people will call me a hero, others will call me a criminal and I may go to jail over it. But I won't lose a wink of sleep in my cell over saving as many lives as were lost in all of those other school shootings. Benefits outweigh the risks."

Can't say I entirely agree with that stance. But darn it, you've got to respect the honor in it.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ- Greek:"Come and take them..." Meaning: Here we peaceably stand as armed and free men, willing to defend that peace, and ready to make war upon anyone who threatens that freedom.
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