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Cash Transaction?

I'm having a bit of trouble finding an answer to this, or the rules about how to handle it. I live in Indiana and I am looking to purchase a Smith and Wesson 637 from someone who lives in the same town as I do. I know him, but we aren't "friends". We are going to meet in person and I've told him I can bring cash to make the purchase if the weapon is the quality I expect.

Do I have to take this gun to a dealer and sign a few forms in Indiana, or can I just make the cash purchase and be done with it? I don't think I have to FTF the transaction, but I just want to stay on the legal end of things here. I've seen plenty of cash transactions at some of the smaller gun shows here, easy as you please, but I've never asked if that's really legal. -kind of an awkward conversation.

I appreciate the help.
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