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Osprey 10-40

Osprey Concerns Unfounded
I wanted to relate my experience and surprise shooting with the 10-40 x 50 which was quite contrary to many of the negative comments on other forums.

I purchased mine from Sportsman's Guide [SG] over a year ago and am just now getting around to testing it out with much apprehension but as it turns out it was all unwarranted. I will say though that my turret cap screws were not as tight as they should have been but I consider that to be a minor issue as that's why we usually have a good assortment of tools and in this case only a small Allen wrench was needed.

Besides the concerns over the scope I also had a new 6.5mm Grendel I was testing out as well as some starting loads of a Hornady 120grn bullet over 24.9grns of Benchmark powder and this combination started out very good.

As also mentioned by Nature B, my scope did quite well to though I haven't done the more extensive testing he has done nor does my AR style 6.5 Grendel have quite the recoil his 7mm Mag does but it does have a bit of recoil and the Osprey held zero just fine giving me two, three shot groups of 1" c/to/c at 100 yrds. If I can get the pictures posted you'll be able to see for yourself.

Now, SG has been very good to deal with in all my past experiences and would
even allow me to return the Osprey scope for a refund as I have never been real partial to it's range finding method and have been looking at their Counter-Sniper which seems to have far superior ranging capabilities and possibly optics too! Here again I've read some bad things about it too but now believe most of the individuals posting all the negative comments are not making qualified statements so I ordered one to test it out and see for myself!

I'm glad to see that most of you guys and gals on this forum are a lot more objective about your comments!

Take care,
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