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Number of US Colleges Allowing Concealed Carry on Campus More Than Doubles

MORE CIVIL RIGHTS PROGRESS: Number of Colleges Allowing Concealed Carry on Campus More Than Doubles, in the past week!

I read that today, followed the link, and found this.

Most important bit:
Prior to this week, only twelve colleges in the entire nation explicitly allowed carry of a firearm: The ten public colleges of Utah, Blue Ridge Community College in Virginia and Colorado State University. Following a substantial ruling to remove the ban at the University of Colorado, the fourteen colleges in the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) voted to rescind their current ban and allow any licensed adult with a concealed carry permit to exercise that right while on campus. While I cannot find any direct news articles about it, you may link to the revised policy [here]

This action alone more than doubles the number of universities and colleges allowing concealed carry from twelve to twenty-six.
Colorado is quickly joining Utah with concealed carry allowed on all or most college campuses. Today, I am proud to be a Coloradoan!
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