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Truth is if you don't look like a gang banger, dope dealing terrorist,

then you won't have a problem even if you are pulled over. If the LEO wanted to search the vehicle I'd have to decline just out of principle... then again, there you are... they are getting paid by the hour, doesn't matter if they are sitting in their Air Conditioned car waiting for the search warrant or or down at the Krispy Kream.... they clock out the same hours. (Sorry LEO's) At the same time, there you sit on the side of the road.... hopefully not in the sticky and stinky back seat of their car.

if they get to the point where they ask what is in the locked case in the trunk I would tell them, no reason to lie. (I think they can search your vehicle with out a search warrant if they have 'reasonable cause'... is B.S. and unconstitutional but the lawyers and LEOs say it is. I think the worse you agree going to get is an LEO that doesn't know and 99% of them know to call it in and ask someone who does. Just tell them it is legal to carry it that way.
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