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Back on topic somewhat... This was a NY politician pushing an agenda. Nothing new to report. Just yesterday Bloomberg was in London and spouted off how the car bomber might not have tried to blow up his car bomb if he knew he was on camera like in London. What an imbicile. I live on Long Island and everyone knows Times Square has cameras all around. They had footage of this terrorist changing his shirt next to the car for crying out loud.

Then the buffoons in the gov't let him get on a plane and leave the gate. He was already flagged!!! The guy has been to Pakistan fivetimes recently, come on now! This just made me feel safe as I was in the air on the way to Switzerland at the time...

Continue to watch as politicians use this event for their own agendas even though it is another monumental DHS failure. Just like the Christmas attack again we got lucky. Our luck is going to run out real soon. The politicians will then have blood on the street to use for their agendas.
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