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State-local laws, CCW, company SOP, civil lawsuits...

If I were in your position, I'd review the state/local laws concerning CCW and firearms. I'm not a AL resident do not know the state laws that involve the private security industry or protective services but if you are not following your company's SOP(rules) and you have a use of force incident you could face civil actions along with your employer(and very likely the security client).
I can understand your concerns about safety & security but you should carry & use firearms in a legal way or IAW company policy. If you really feel unsafe doing your job unarmed then you should either; get into another line of work or go and get a formal armed security/protective service position. Times are tough and I know it's not easy but if you look around you can find decent armed posts that pay well or offer good working conditions.
There are many licensed security officers/supervisors/company managers who either do not know or do not follow state laws/policy. This is counter-productive to the security industry standards and makes it harder for the licensed officers/mgrs would comply with the laws/policy.
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