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I'd pick a niche and make it a second job until it pays better than your first job (including the benefits you will be responsible for). Checkering nice stocks can pay "well" once you are established and producing top self results. It doesn't require the overhead of tool purchasing that full service smiths need, although it will require some capital. That's not the only niche, but one that will give you access to people who are willing to pay well for excellent results. After that you can move into other jobs. Take a picture of each job to build a "resume". Whatever you start with....become the best in the business and the money will eventually come. If you accept mediocre results from yourself you will be unhappy, bitter and hungry. Once you really have your feet under you train the most highly qualified folks to come in and work their way up. Know some will leave you to start their own business, but if there's no bridge burning you will have referrals going in both direction. I'd guess 9/10th of smith shops fail pretty quickly. You'll never get rich quick and very, very few smiths ever get rich.
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