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I have never been paid for gunsmthing with my $10k worth of gunsmithing tools and parts, but I have worked as a handiman.

One thing became obvious very quickly was that some other handymen I knew were better than me.

But I was better at finding work and negotiating money. I can find work and find workers to do it and put the deal together.

I will not mention his name, but there is a successful gunsmith in the greater Seattle area, who would have made even more money if he had been a crook err "commissioned salesman for a high profit product" in some other field.

I have been an engineer for 30 some years, and those years I hit the top 1% of engineering income were not because I was the best engineer, it was because I was selling myself as the best.

I could have made even more money if I had run a junk yard or pawn shop.
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