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The Rem 700 is good choice as a first action for a lot of these competitions where bolt actions are common and you are going to use a non-custom action. The Rem 700 is lightweight and stong, easy to accurize, and good quality components are readily avilable.

If I was shooting silhouette I'd use a Rem 700 short action because of the tight weight limits on Silhouette rifles. IIRC, David Tubb won a Silhoutte championship with a pretty much stock Rem 700 in 243 several years ago. The 700 would also work well in F Class, though if I were building an F Class rifle I'd use a pre 64 M-70 action or a custom action.

In 1000 yd BR you can do okay with a trued up 700 action. If you want to shoot Little BR with a 700 Action it really ought to be sleeved, and if you are going to pay for sleeving you might as well get a custom action.

In Highpower it is so much easier to use an AR-15, but guys have done well with bolt rifles. I'd again use a pre 64 M-70 or custom action if I were building a Highpower bolt gun.

BTW, my only significant experience is in 1K BR. I'll stand ground on my opinions in that game, but for all the rest I'll quickly defer to others with more experience.

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