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How much do gunsmiths make $$$?

I'm not a gunsmith, but I've been a business owner for 31 years, and a 'gun nut' all of my adult life. I've know many gunsmith's in my town, and have a close relationship with both of them. One of these guys has just retired, and his main reason for doing so was he just got tired of dealing with the public, he wasn't a people person. He was a real good gunsmith, but he couldn't make a living wage just working on guns, so he also owned a gunshop. My other friend is retired from a public utilities company and started doing gunsmith as a hobby then went into business. He is just into repairs and doesn't sell new firearms, and he makes a living, but he has an income from the company he retired from. I would be surprised if anyone hired you and paid you even close to what gunsmiths make in wages when they work for themselves. First thing, you don't have any experience, and probably don't have your own tools. You maybe worth more than minimum wage, but it will be hard to find someone who will take a chance on you and pay you what you think you are worth. Business owners don't think like employees. If you are paid $12.00 per hour, what you cost the employer after he pays taxes and social security on you is probably in the neighborhood of $16 or $17 an hour, more if he is paying for health insurance. Believe it or not our government makes it very hard for the small business man to hire people and make a living.
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